lunes, 10 de abril de 2023

Agroturismo Na Set Centes, Artà, Mallorca: April 2023

Agroturisme Na Set Centes

Carretera Artà – Canyamel, Km. 2,7

(Carretera Ma-4042)

07570 Artà Mallorca

 April, early morning. The temperature is still cool. Later in the day it will rise to around 22º C. After breakfast, our guests start to go out for the last cup of coffee, when the sun already shines and it is warm.

 Mallorca is green and full of flowers in spring. Currently we have some regular guests who normally visit us in September when is still summer and one goes to the beach practically every day. They are seeing Mallorca as they did not know before: the landscape is like a big garden.

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